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South Island media Ltd is a video/digital film production company we do a mixture of filming, editing, colour correction & grading.

From Weddings, Music videos, Ads, and Short films. We focus on cinema style production so we treat every project with the style of telling a story in the time frame required.


Joining the family of tools we have the Panasonic oled 4k 55" TV for accurate colour reproduction and grading.

Endorsed by award winning colourist

Dado Valentic who works on many

blockbuster films

This monitor was designed by Panasonic so that Hollywood professionals could use their products as a grading monitor without loosing quality. Their integrated on board chip that permits you to get true blacks and true whites with HDR10+

Also joining the family is the Sirui 50mm anamorphic lens.

These type of lenses are used in almost every Hollywood movie 

Offering a wider image while maintaining the 50mm look and adding natural light streaks