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Here are some basic information about our live-streaming service.

we can provide from 1 camera ups o 6 or even 8 cameras for live-streaming.
Q: Why so many cameras you might ask? 
A: Yes can stream with just 1 camera can yes that will save you more cost, however in our experience during  a wedding ceremony having just 1 camera can be very easily obstructive by other people. So we advise no less than 2 cameras if you can budget for it. 

Q: how do we stream?
A: We can use a few platforms to stream to, such as Youtube, Facebook, Zoom, Private webpage. We strongly advise most of our clients to use zoom as this currently offers us a faster stream with low latency. Low latency does lower the quality of the image but it still delivers a great result for viewers on iPhone, tablet or pc.

Q:Where can we stream?
A: Good question. We use a portable wifi unit that uses the same data as the main networks you use on your phone. We are only limited to their service.

However if we are not able to receive any wifi data or broadband connection we do offer a back up solution. We offer a recording of your wedding onto our thumb drive (this file size is small enough for us to dart to a hotspot and upload the video).