David Duckworth is Christchurch based cinematographer and colourist.

David initially started off in the early 1990s in the entertainment industry within the central city of Christchurch as a karaoke host  and DJ.  Throughout this time he worked alongside many great entertainers locally and internationally. This gave him the experience to understand the foundation of quality audio


However his first passion was within filmmaking. Even as a young boy he always wanted to create stories and felt compelled to be behind a lens.


The last 25 years offered opportunities for him to merge towards his first passion and goal of becoming a videographer to a cinematographer. With filming music videos and short films through to weddings' his knowledge and love for the art continued to grow and develop.

Within the last 4 to 5 years he took the opportunity to learn the art of colour grading by training under some of the best in the business internationally.


David now spends time producing wedding films, short film, music videos for many local & national artists

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