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David Duckworth

About me

For the last 30 years I have been in the entertainment and video industry. I started as a DJ/Karaoke host at nightclubs in Christchurch NZ during the early 90s and progressed into video production by filming music videos for local bands.

As technology advanced and cameras were made more affordable' I decided to purchase my first television camera so that I could offer more professional looking videos. Once I gained more skill level I decided to hit the wedding market because I wanted to offer a service that was more meaningful for my clients.

Due to Christchurch Feb 2011 earthquake I ended up almost losing everything but my family and health. So I decided selvage anything I had left in order to buy more film equipment.

I went back into filming weddings with better cameras and sound gear. and I continued to grow.

After many years I upgraded into more cinema style cameras which was like going from driving a car to a truck. However the end result felt like it was worth the effort.

My process to film and edit each wedding is to start off by getting to know the couple within the shortest time frame possible by either meeting them in person or video chat.  This offers me the opportunity to ask a few easy questions and understand what they want and ways that I can deliver the results they seek.

I consider myself as a people person and an animal lover so I use my years of experience to for-fill a task that you can share not just for a lifetime, but for generations to come.

starting from $1400

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